Friday, November 28, 2008

Lose It - Another reason to own an iPhone

Big news! I survived Thanksgiving Day (1). My went to my wife's Mom's house yesterday for one fantastic meal. Turkey, mashed potatoes, all the fixin's...and I'm still under 250! W00T! W00T!

Today, the first day after eating enough calories to light a small village, I still got my butt out of the house and went to the downtown version of our Healthy Living Center we go to at work. Downtown is amazing. There is even a pretty nice daycare facility there. OhPrincess2 loved it. Unfortunately, OhPrincess1 can't go. The top age limit is 8. D'oh!

But what's up withe this post? Today, my work out buddy and good friend Mark introduced me to a new app for my iPhone. It's called Lose It!. A newish free app in the iTunes App Store.

What is it?
Set goals and establish a daily calorie budget that enables you to meet them. Stay on track each day by recording your food and exercise and staying within your budget.

Enter food and exercise easily using a searchable database. Quickly re-enter foods and meals you've had in the past. Lose It! is the most complete and streamlined weight loss application available for the iPhone.

Lose It! will be available for free during the first six months of its release.
Get it now while it's still hot!
I shameless stole that from their website. I've tried using it and it's fantastic! This is the first diet and workout log that really seems to have it all put together. The database of food items really seems to be up to date but the best part is that the stuff I regularly eat in the cafeteria can be added by hand right from the nutritional guide. SaaaWeeeet!

We should be able to add our workout information just like it is when it comes off the machine. It also includes a lot of listings for common home based activities as well. Very cool.

I think this app should work just fine on the iPod Touch as well. It doesn't seem to have any connections to communications or microphone functions.

Tomorrow is round 2 of Thanksgiving. My parents home. I'm looking forward to it! I'm feeling pretty good about my attitude to the holiday. I'm not denying myself any of the foods I love. That's just crazy...why go on living? But instead, I've been focusing on just doing it smarter. I take a small amount of everything I want, and then find that I'm quite full.  No need to keep shoving, I've had what I wanted.

Stay tuned!

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Mr Lady said...

You boys and your iPhones. I swear, you're going to take over the world with those things. :)