Monday, November 24, 2008

A new morning habit

There aren't many products that I would blog about glowingly without some ad revenue. I'll complain about things, I'm good at that, but if you want me to shmooze...

Cranergy is a little different. This is one addition to my lifestyle change I think is important enough to tell you about.

My wife and I spotted these at the local warehouse club. I love cranberry juice. I always have. This was a little different. They've blended it with green tea to make a morning pick-me-up beverage that tastes fantastic. All the benefits of cranberry juice and green tea with the added morning caffine I'm used to.

I used to drink a can of pop for breakfast, I'm now drinking these instead. Not sure if it's really doing anything positive, but it's kinda nice to eliminate one more can of pop from my day.

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