Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays

This is a very relaxed day considering it is Christmas Eve. We have the thrill of doing chores at our pace since we don't punch a clock these days. We don't have to be at a job as many of you have to be. Anyway, the meal will all be cooked tomorrow morning so all that has to be done today is the dessert. It is not a calorie-less type but then we will just have to cut down on the size of our pieces or on the number of pieces we each have. We will all be aware of the pitfalls of overeating. So - in logical theory we could use smaller plates or just take a bit less of each item. Since this family loves Lefsa, we have that. We will have Red Cake, too. Cookies and candy are also going to be around. If we all had the energy the littles ones have, we would not have any problems. Or if the sugar high had us in high gear instead of nap time after the meal. Oh, these are flitting thoughts. I must get to the cake now. Then two little visitors need showers so they are ready for their first Christmas Party. Think smaller quantities and enjoy the tastes. Merry Christmas.

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