Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Changes to the routine

Getting ready for winter and Christmas has left my back in a tender state. It hurts. I needed to make a change to my regular routine for working out.

Welcome to the wonderful world of treadmills.

Riding the bike was fun. Those machines really rock and riding to the moving scenery helped keep me motivated, but sitting like that didn't feel good with back pain.

One of the interesting features of the treadmills at our work facility  is that I can set the target based on time, heart rate or calories. Since my primary goal is to lose weight, I'm setting my target based on calories. and then setting my pace to meet my time constraint. So far, I really like it.

This was yesterdays workout. My target was 350 calories + 30 calories in cool down. I made the 350 in just short of 2 miles in a bout 33 minutes. Perfect! I can then go do a little weight lifting and then it's back to work. As each level becomes easier, I will try and pack more exercise and hard challenges along the way.

Who knows, I may even start running again...

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