Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Moving past disappointment

Last Thursday, I suffered a bit of a disappointment. For the first time since I started the M.A.L.E. I didn't really lose any weight. I was officially down .2 pounds, but that's basically nothing. Bummer!

Not to make excuses but I did kind of expect this. Our workouts last week were mostly yoga. While I like yoga, it's not much of a calorie burner.

I've also been suffering a bit of knee and shin pain. Let's just say ibuprofen was a good friend of mine.

The best part of being flat weight wise though was I was sticking to my diet. I've told you about my fancy diet, right? Eat less then burn.

This last week I've started some new training. I really like this one. It uses free motion machines for doing strength training and then you do a short ab workout between each machine. I can post the workout later.

Another change comes in the form of running on the treadmill. A few of my friends have been running regularly. This has inspired me to push myself in this direction. I guess we'll see where this takes me.

That's about for now. I'm hoping to show some actual weight loss this week. Let's all cross our fingers!

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