Thursday, November 19, 2009

Final week of the M.A.L.E. program

Tonight is the final week of the M.A.L.E. program I've been talking about. Kind of bittersweet. I really like the accountability of having to do certain things by certain times. There's a chance I might sign up for it again in January. I'll consider it...there's also a chance I wouldn't qualify for it if I do a good job working out and eating over the next 2 months. We could hope.

Last week was a bit disappointing. .8 pounds. I know the goal was a pound a week, but I guy can dream right? I'm not sure this will be a good week either. The scale at home is basically showing now progress even with more workouts this week. The pants seem bigger this week, but the scale is telling a different story.

One thing I've started was to get a pair of running shows and actually use the Nike+ stuff to monitor progress. Let's face it, I'm a geek. Any shiny new tech is fascinating to me. I've done 3 runs already with it. Not like marathon runs but run/walks that push me. My legs aren't quite up to the challenge of full on 30 minute runs but we are getting there. Yesterdays run started with an entire 5 minutes of running without slowing to a walk. Just 2 months ago there would have been no way. 2 minutes usually killed me.

If you are interested in checking out my progress, here's the link to the public side ( It's an interesting website. There are goals and all kinds of stats to keep you interested. Ultimately, I'll be getting a new iPhone and hope to start using this site, Runkeeper. This has quite a few other options that look pretty awesome. When you use it with your phone and run outside, the GPS keeps track of your location and the shows your details on a map. Pretty cool.

The final day of the M.A.L.E. program is Saturday morning. They will be serving us breakfast and then awards and recognition. It could be fun...right?

Here's to smaller jeans..Cheers!

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