Thursday, October 23, 2008

My first post

This is my first post. Since having 2 babies I have noticed a trend in my weight. An incline that is not pleasing to me. My goal to lose weight started last year. I joined Weight Watchers with 4 friends. 1 is still going...and it is not me! I went to the meetings for a while and watched all that I ate. It did help me make some better food choices. I used the book they use for food points for about 6 months and did well. I lost 8 pounds! I thought that was acceptable...after all it was losing the weight as I should be and not by any crazy fad diets or just not eating. I tried to walk at least a few times a week.

Have you ever noticed that the weight that goes on in one area is not the weight that comes off!!! It seems to gather in one area and leave in another not so good area (as a woman that is!!)

Over the last 10 weeks I have increased my activity at work and home. Trying to go the extra miles to walk a little further and take the stairs. Nothing drastic, but noticeable changes. I am back to trying to make a better effort on my food choices as well. I am happy to say that I have lost 6 more pounds. That may not seem like a lot...but it was enough for me to fit into my old jeans and find that my other pants are actually loose around the waist!

I really need to start exercising but just cannot find the time (I know I know...lame excuse!) For now I will continue to walk to and from work to my car (usually about 4-8 blocks away). On the days that I work I am committing to briskly walking up 3 flights of stairs during both of my breaks at work. Its a start right?

On my days off I try to do some type of cleaning and blare the music and rock out while I clean.

OhCaptain and I have also been trying to increase activity as a family and get A and E involved in more active things.

I will continue to take many baby steps toward my goal. Since starting weight watchers last year up until now with the increase in activity and continuing to watch my eating ... I have lost 17 pounds!!! I am very grateful for this and have worked hard to lose this weight. I would like to lose an additional 13 pounds if that is realistic. I can't really say that I am focused only on weight. I really want to increase my muscle tone and not be or feel so "flabby".

Good luck to everyone!!! Remember to watch out for that Halloween candy!!!! It is so very tempting!

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OhCaptain said...

I'm really proud of you taking these steps with me!

Strap on your walkin shoes...we gots work to do!