Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I'm Still Here! And my wife made an observation today

Yes...I'm still here and I'm on mission!

Sorry I haven't been posting much, our family life has been very busy. We recently attending a family wedding. That has to be one of the hardest things to do and stay on diet. 

Well, one of my goals with this diet is to not make myself miss food. I've been on diets before where I forced myself away from everything bad and then eventually just gave in and binged. I'm at a wedding, I think cake will be OK.

My choices for lunch have been significantly better. Would you believe that the soup selection at the cafeteria is fantastic? It is. This has even gotten me to try new ones. I'm thinking about naming my diet "The Soup for Lunch®" diet.

The biggest change I've made and stuck to was going to the Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center (DAHLC). This is an exercise and wellness facility run by my employer. 2 of my very good friends also work at the Clinic and we've gone at least 3 days a week for 5 weeks. I think there was 1 week in there we only went twice, but I'm not sure. We are using the buddy system in that you have to explain to the others why you aren't going. Peer pressure can be a very good thing.

At the DAHLC are the exercise bikes you see above. I'm really enjoying riding these things. They are made by Expresso Fitness and they work like this. There is an LCD display in front of you that shows a computer simulated bike course. There are also riders on the road/track/trail, one of these riders is your pacer. After you signed in a ridden a few days, you get a ghost rider. This is your best effort on the course. Your goal is to chase and beat your ghost. This is a so handy for a competition junkie like myself.

All of this effort seems to be paying off. Some really cool things have been happening. First, I just feel smaller. Second, my clothes are fitting better. This is awesome. Last, but definitely not the least cool thing is people have started making comments. That just feels awesome! I'll hopefully getting more Wii Fit content on here soon. I'm still using it and really enjoy it.

I still have the goal of adding more family members to this site. I think we are getting closer to have them join me soon. 

Here's to feeling lighter!

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