Monday, October 12, 2009

Circuits, running and nutrician - Oh My!

Sorry for the lack of updates, seems I was distracted by the Minnesota Twins, it happens. Win Twins! (Yeah, I know, three and out again...damn.)

Here's an update about the M.A.L.E. program I'm in.

The really good news: I've lost 1.2 pounds in each of the 3 weigh ins we've had. 3.6 pounds over 3 weeks! Go me! I'd like to hope I can keep doing that or a little better each week, but really, that's a good number.

So, what have they got us doing? Over the last week, we've been doing running and circuit training. I gotta admit to you, my legs are killing me. For most of the last week, ibuprofen has been my best friend.

It started the week before, we were doing cycling. It used to be called spinning, but seems now they just call it cycling. The first two times I did it, I got done and just couldn't walk stairs without immense pain. The last session of it, the instructor stayed with me after class and gave me a proper fitting for the stationary bikes we are using. Wouldn't you know, my seat was too low by almost 3 inches. According to her, that would probably make me knee feel like it's gonna explode. Well said, it did.

Damage was already done, no biggie. We'll just grin and work through it...running. After the first night of it, yep, shin splints. More ibuprofen. The circuit training didn't contribute any to the leg pains....thank God, that just made everything else hurt. The arms, the shoulders, the tummy. Did I mention ibuprofen was my best friend (thinking bff soon).

It's all good, I remember spending a few weeks at the start of every swim season wondering if I was ever gonna be able to lift my arms over my head. Well, I still, to this day, can do it, so I must be able to survive any of this ;-)

Our class Thursday night is actually a rest night. No workout! Yeah! Instead, we get a private session with one of the Healthy Living Center's on staff chef. He's gonna give us a cooking demonstration themed "Game Tizers". I think I've seen this one before, but if I remember, the U.S. Senate bean dip was outstanding.

Time for a little Wii Fit. Hope your jeans are getting baggy too!

PS. I wondering if I need to keep this blog going. I could just post these over at my Geek blog. Anyone else want to join me here? Should I keep this separate from my geek blog? Did anyone really read this far down?

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