Friday, January 16, 2009

Changes that we hope will be closer to habits

We are trying to make some food changes. We only buy wheat bread. Now we have added much more fruit to our diet. Also, we have decided to use sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes for most meals. The sweet potatoes we boil, peel and eat. They are not the caramelized ones we eat for a holiday. They are sweet, smooth and really satisfying plus they are full of nutrients and fiber which we need to increase in our diet. The next change we have been trying is to use whole wheat macaroni products instead of the white ones. They really are quite tasty in a dish that calls for macaroni. Todd told us they were really good - now we know he is right. These changes may not be the answer to losing weight but they are all good changes we need in our bodies and daily lives. Try to sweet potatoes - they are great!!!

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OhCaptain said...

Awesome! I'm finding that using alternate foods is really helpful especially when they are quite tasty substitutes.

One that I tried that really worked pretty well was skipping the gravy on mashed potatoes. I tried it and like just using a bit of pepper on them. No butter, no gravy, just black pepper.

Keep up the good work!